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According to the Health News in The Telegraph, over 8 million of us have chronic pain, and most frequently, back pain.

We have to wait for six years on average for a diagnosis and a further 3 years before our condition is adequately managed, which is apparently a lot longer than in most European countries.

A survey of 2,251 people in Britain with chronic pain found that four in ten said their condition left them unable to work. Another study found that chronic pain accounts for 4.6 million GP''s appointments every year and at a cost of 69 million !

I must admit as a chronic pain sufferer myself, I have noticed a great change in the length of time I have to wait for my pain treatments now in comparison to around 10 years ago.

My last spinal injection was last August and I am so desperate for another one now that my GP has had to write a letter to see if I can be pushed up the list. Ten years ago I was having regular injections (every 3 months) and other pain treatments without having to wait long at all.

The trouble is I don't know the answer as it seems more and more people are suffering from chronic pain in one form or another.