After browsing the internet I keep coming across treatment for pain using an infusion of Lidocain which is regularly used in Australia and America.

Most say its used for neuropathic and chronic pain symptoms to improve quality of life and is also used as it does not have the same type of side effects as other opioids or analgesics.

In another article a Rheumatologist spoke on using intravenous Lidocain also for the pain of Fibromyalgia and in particular for patients who have not responded to more traditional treatments.

Although I could not find any UK Hospitals or Clinics that use Lidocain I found many that still use Trigger point injections which have been used since the late 1940's and Botox injections which they also use for Myofascial Pain and for pain in Fibromyalgia.

Professor Davies who works in some UK clinics has 20 years of experience injecting these painful areas with trigger point injections and Botox and I was offered a Botox injection for pain some years back but for some unknown reason I just seem to relate it to treatments of the face, and declined the offer.

I guess as we are always a bit backward at coming forward in the UK Lidocain infusions will probably not catch on for a while yet. Its just a shame Australia and America are so far away.