I'm having a really bad day today. For the last couple of days I have been experiencing numbness in my left foot which now feels quite strange when I stand on it.

I went for my usual Reflexology treatment and mentioned it to my Reflexologist and she had a good massage and dig with it but I couldn't feel much as it is numb but she did touch some points which were extremely painful and she thinks its coming from my neck.

I came back and had a rest straight away but even though I've taken some more meds I feel awful, in lots of pain and very very sickly and I am now wondering if it could be my balance thats making me feel sick.

I don't feel that I am standing different but you must do if half your foot is numb. My sister wants me to go to the Doc if its no better tomorrow but they won't be able to do anything so I'm just hoping it clears up.

I definitely overdid it last week so it took it out of me but my Dad needed me at the end of the day. It just really frustrates me that I have to suffer like this after just helping him. The pain down my arm is a joke !!!!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself I think - will snap out of it soon when the pain subsides !!!