I decided with the credit crunch and all that, I would have a go at making my own Christmas cards with cut up old ones I had put away last year.

I got all excited ( sad or what) and had everything on the table ready to have a go. I made about four of them and I was so chuffed with them and even made my up my own verses to put in them. I will take some pics tomorrow and see what you think.

What I forgot to realise until it was to late, was how I had been holding my head while making them and then the pain arrived. I suppose it served me right as everyone else would probably say "well why did you do them in the first place" but you know sometimes you just want to do something a bit different.

Anyway, I had a terrible nights sleep even though this MS drug I am on is for nerve pain, it was definitely the nerve that was painful last night. I won't give up though, I'll have another go as I enjoyed myself so much yesterday, and as the saying goes "nature soon makes you forget".