It seems a while since I have been here but with chronic back problems as I am sure you know its not something that changes overnight and so the news is always the same, which can be rather boring !!!!!!

I had another visit with the pain management team to discuss having a morphine pump fitted recenlty, but before I decide if I want it or not they insisted that I took more morphine than I am already taking to be positive that the pain has gone completely otherwise it just wont be worth the inconvenience of the pump. He explained how it will need topping up regularly and that you still get most of the side effects but just not as drastic. On my way home from the Hospital I felt quite low as I had pinned my hopes on it being an easy solution and really its not. I increased the morphine over the following weeks as they suggested and apart from the terrible side effects I suffered it still didn't completely get rid of the pain, so I knew this was not for me.

We then went away for a couple of days to Paris on the Euro from St. Pancras which was a present from our son for Christmas and I was sooooooooo excited but unfortunately my back was so bad that I spent most of my time in the bedroom asleep which really spoilt everthing. So after much discussion with my other half and my children we have decided I need an opinion on what is going on with my back at the moment with a view to maybe having further surgery even though I had said never again but as they say never say never.

I researched it big time and found out about a consultant in London who appears to have experience in both cervical and lumber and who also does keyhole surgery so I made an appointment to see my Doctor to sort out a referrel letter. She was amazing as usual and felt it was the best move I could make especially as over the last couple of months I have had a lot more numbness in my leg and hands so my appointment is this Monday.

To be honest with you it has been so bad recently that I would let them do anything they want to help me so I am actually quite excited to see him next week (sad or what)!!!!