Well my week started off with a trip to my local Hospital for a lumber epidural to help with my back pain. The ward was extremely quiet which was really strange as normally it is really really busy, but apparently the stomach bug which is going round at the moment meant quite a few cancellations from patients and from staff so I was soon in the theatre for my injection.

My pain consultant is soooooooooo sympathetic and kind and puts you at your ease straight away and I had it done on two levels under xray, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it lasts a lot longer than the last one. We had a long chat about my pain in my lumber and thoracic and with all the medication I am taking it was decided my next move would be a referral to a Neurosurgeon at the Hospital to talk about having a Pain Pump or Spinal Stimulator fitted. I am still finding out about these forms of pain relief but I wont know the full details until I have my consultation with the Neurosurgeon. I do know that this is like the final thing they can do to help with the pain but I am so ready for this to help with my thoracic pain which is driving me mad.

I seem to be able to control my lumber pain with the medication and injections and just rest but the thoracic is just constant but I would love to hear from anyone who has a similar problem or anyone who has had a pump fitted to compare notes or to just find out more about that sort of pain relief.

The last lumber epidural put me in bed for two days but this time it only irritated by back for 24 hrs and I had two of my best nights sleep in ages and was very excited about how well it had gone but soon realised I had spoken tooooo sooooon as my last few nights have been the usual bad ones but I am definitely in less pain in the lumber region which is just great.